20 thoughts on “20 Small Kitchen Makeover and Furniture ideas

  1. American kitchens seem very old fashioned, especially all the very dark wood they use! Maybe houses are lighter and bigger than European ones so dark colours aren't so important, but still… horrible!

  2. A good video, to tell about ideas for kitchen improvement. Homestead Custom Carpentry also provide great ideas for a kitchen renovation. The owners of Homestead take their work and will not walk away from a job incomplete or with the client left unsatisfied. Homestead Custom Carpentry is capable and ready for the challenge!

  3. After remodeling 2 houses we dealt with 2 kitchens, 4 bathrooms and 2 powder rooms. There was no need to replace cabinetry but I preferred white gloss finishes and what I learned from trial and error: 1.) Lightly sand and wipe off cabinets. 2.) Use OIL base enamel, it stands up to water/moisture and heavier use of kitchens and baths. 3.) Buy or rent a paint sprayer, this will give you a beautiful factory type finish (no brush marks) 4.) steel wool lightly and wipe down and put another coat of paint. It made all the difference in the costs and brightened up the rooms.

  4. Actually if you want to paint over wood and not have to do anything to it, paint it with what's called chalk paint. It's not actually chalk but regular paint formulated to stick to any surface without any sanding. I love it I use it all the time. Then if you want a high sheen go over it with water or oil based clear coat.

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