27 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel – Before & After | White Kitchen Design

  1. My 80's kitchen is similar to yours. Its an "L" shaped kitchen with a room with no purpose behind the short part of the "L". We want to take down that wall and expand the kitchen out. It didnt occur to me how much more light it would bring in. Thanks for the video.

  2. Granite gives a nice & clean look. But what a awful feeling I have every time I put a glass or …what ever on. The sound are scratching my ears 😭. Never again granite for me.

  3. Due to us doing it all cost drum roll with everything literally everything — electric to plumbing 7000.00 including wood cabinets unfinished — we have done this before in earlier yrs — if we had to outsource this omg x 10 for end cost! NO uppers I hate upper cabinets * who can reach them lo junk savers* I am also an artist so room for my artwork created for these areas…

  4. we just finished relocating an old kitchen — took out the pantry — has taken 3 months — we did it all from the ground up — my one countertop with cabinets is 19 foot long! The same issue with darkness — did white and white appliances — the countertops we made are all solid red oak amazing —

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