36 thoughts on “3 Hacks for Custom Curtains Under $100

  1. I have a difficult to dress sliding glass window/door in my living room. Only the left side can accommodate any curtain (since it has corner wall space) while the right side is about 5 inches from my fire place mantle. I can't hang a curtain on the right side because of the enter & exit side of the door and because of the mantle. It has the dividing piece down the middle of the door to separate the two but I'm not sure how to hang curtains. Right now I have the hideous panel window shades. Any ideas?

  2. My best certain hack was to take two beaurigul aqua silk Dupioni silk wide panels, cut them in two from top to bottom, and hemmed them from top to bottom with so sew ironon tape. This created four curtains for the two windows in my room. I put shears between them just over the windows and took the panels out over the walls. It is beautiful and creates the illusion of a large window treatment with very little cost.

  3. I love the French pleat you gave your velvet curtains! Can you recommend a tailor in LA that does good work like yours? We live in Bakersfield, CA and just haven't found someone to help us achieve that look. LA is close and soooo worth the commute to get a customer look! Thank you for continuing to make decorating fun and personal! You are a tremendous inspiration for me! Thank you!

  4. I found the information about 2/3 of one fabric on top and 1/3 of heavier looking fabric on the lower portion very helpful, that is not something I would have thought about – french pleat on the velvet is also something I wouldn't have thought of. Thank you!

  5. You should make a video on how to make an old home look more modern, we have the plaster walls with some crack here and there but i want everything to look more modern and we really dont wanna take off the plaster and drywall it all over again since its a temp home.

  6. Love your videos, and appreciate your style advice, Baiyina. It's helped me focus in on what's best in my space, and what to let go in an informed manner. I've been able to find some excellent bargains on really cute boho style rugs that I am told are 'exactly me', as I need more Fall type colors, along with teal curtains to match. One rug, for example, is the Mohawk Home Soho Samsun Batik rug (no connection, etc!). I'll upgrade in the future, but for now it's on the floor for cheap, right on moving day.

  7. I had the problem of #3.. unfortunately my curtains were black leather and expensive so, buying more seemed wasteful.. my sheets were also short. Idky companies sell expensive curtains and shorten them . It sucks

  8. Sewing header tape to curtains is one way to get pleats, which I prefer to a pocket or O rings. I did this with Ikea velvet Sanela curtains after cutting off the rings, and I like the look much better.

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